Full Rewire of a Three Bedroom Property

Project Description

Project: Full Rewire of a Three Bedroom Property
Project type: Domestic

Here is an example of a recent vacant rewire completed in Hull. Nearly every household goes through a rewire in its lifetime due to the aging of wiring, faulty wiring, or wiring no longer conforming to the current legislation.

Typically, a rewire is needed if you’ve just moved home as the existing wiring system is unsafe or unsuitable for everyday use. We deliver rewires to a very high standard with a minimum of heating, sockets and lighting covered throughout the process on an occupied rewire.

Inspection, testing and certification are provided alongside a building control certificate with all rewired circuits.

A full re-wire for a property or dwelling doesn’t need to be a stressful and drawn-out process, so long as you choose the right team. At Power Surge, we are confident in providing efficient and reliable electrical installation services for all types of domestic and commercial settings. Our team has successfully completed many re-wiring projects and can provide expert knowledge and experience for every type of re-wire or domestic electrical installation.